Our clients include Police, Fire, Emergency Service, Public Safety, Health Care and Distress sector organizations that require experienced experts to help them  design, acquire and project manage the future next generation 9-1-1 solution(s). 
This includes procurement and integration into various Global Information, Dispatch and Criminal Management Systems
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Helping Organizations Design and Acquire Next Generation Voice, Text, Video Communications Technology Solutions that Improve 9-1-1 Response Times and Save Lives!

Company Spotlight

We are a team of experienced, objective technology and procurement experts who help organizations design, acquire and implement next generation 9-1-1 communications technology solutions.  


We help ensure that vendors and solutions chosen will successfully integrate into the various GIS, relationship and customer relationship management and public safety applications.  


These solutions are required to work on multiple mobile and fixed devices across wired and wireless networks with expectations to improve emergency response results. 

Consistent, Objective Approach
Certified NG9-1-1 Technology Expertise

We are experienced certified technology professionals who have the expertise and track record of working  with numerous Police, Fire, Emergency Service and Public Safety Organizations to help them migrate from current to future VoIP, unified communications, E911 and NG9-1-1 technology solutions. 

Technical and Financial Analysis

Our ePROcurement analysis tools and methods ensure that your organization has objectively considered all of the technical, financial and business factors required in order to acquire the best solutions from the right vendors! 

We also identify the ongoing future skills, expertise and knowlege needed to support the future technology solutions selected. 

This combination ensures objective, technology procurement and vendor selections to minimize cost and risk to your organization. 

Experienced Technology Procurement Experts

Using our proprietary ePRO web-based tools and facilitation methods, we gather your business and technical requirements, as well as the future technology maintenance, support and service level expectations.

NG9-1-1 Technology Integration

We develop the integration technical, business requirements and specifications to enable vendors to effectively design their solutions.


The detailed specifications enable them to  successfully integrate their new solution into the various intelligence, case and relationship management applications; as well as work with the commonly used business and desktop applications. 

The net result is next generation 9-1-1 technology solutions that work and help save lives!

We have developed automated procurement analysis tools that enable us to accurately forecast total cost of ownership (TCO) capital and operating costs, as well as skills, support and maintenance requirements for your next generation 9-1-1 solutions.  


Our past TCO forecasts have stood the test of time!  Ask us for examples from past client engagements.

Up-to-date Vendor Product Knowledge and Relationships

We work with the leading technology manufacturers, integrators, carriers and vendors and significantly invest time to keep up to date on their current and future strategies, product directions and services.  

We also participate in international vendor advisory councils and boards to provide insight and input into future requirements for C-level executives. 

​Our NG9-1-1 Advisory Services
  • We help prepare your future NG9-1-1 strategy, architecture and design.
  • We design your unique NG9-1-1 RFP technical specifications, analyze vendor results with accurate total cost of ownership funding requirements to help you successfully migrate to NG9-1-1!
  • We can also help project manage the selected 9-1-1 and technology vendors to ensure the next generation solution all works with your RMS and GIS solutions, and keep the project on-time and on-budget. 

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